February 13, 2019

Making Mr. Axt proud

Instructor Michael Axt has developed one of the finest vocational agriculture classrooms and FFA Clubs in the area. The many subjects he teaches are those he has used all of his life. He brings family values, agriculture, education, and experience together to guide his students to do their best all the time. That is all he asks.
They have learned it well and are returning the favor by continuing to show the results of his teaching by keeping their standards of performance high and “taking care of business” until he returns to his teaching job. Instructor Axt has been healing from heart surgery and complications since early January.
The list goes on; challenges are met; and the students gather honors as they compete. Part of what they do is with the desire to “Make Mr. Axt proud,” said Kim Ripplinger, quoting what her daughter Baleigh and other FFA members stated.

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