March 9, 2016

March meeting blows in visitors


The Sheridan County Commissioners meeting held on March 1 was dotted with visitors coming in and out during the meeting hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The meeting started with Cynthia Wahl, tax director, who met with the board to report that the current assessors, Mary Feickert and Jeff Martwick, are not certified yet, resulting in extra hours as the tax director will need to sign off on the assessment books prior to the township and city equalization meetings, April 11. Amounts of charges were discussed that tax directors in other counties charged to receive assessments by March 20

The commissioners approved charging $100 to each organized township and city for the tax director to review the assessment book and sign off to certify assessment book values are in order for the respective equalization meetings as long as received by March 24. If assessment books are received after March 24, organized townships and cities will be charged a $400 late fee, payable to the county.

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