February 18, 2015

Martwick commits to city property assessment work


Jeff Martwick, a McClusky resident appears to be the solution to the town’s assessing problem.

Martwick reported at the February town council meeting that he plans to attend property tax assessing classes, which are scheduled for the first week in May. Martwick stated he also will be assessing property for Goodrich and ten townships in the county.

Town Councilmember Andrew Werth asked if Martwick was committing to doing the city’s assessing and Martwick answered "Yes."

Mayor Roberta Hunt proposed paying for Martwick’s classes and hotel expenses. Werth said that Goodrich should help cover some of the costs. After some discussion, the town council approved a motion to pay up to half of Martwick’s costs.

Mayor Hunt stated she will contact Goodrich’s mayor about sharing the expenses.

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