December 14, 2016

McClusky #3 elevator torn down

Photos and story by CANDACE PELLMAN
During the week of Nov. 21, A&G Trucking started tearing apart Co-op’s old Elevator 3 driveway, main office and shed. They also took off metal siding in preparation to tear down the remainder of the building. A&G employees Darrell Bertsch, Gerald Bertsch, Josh Baker and Steve Krug did the work.
On Dec. 1, the elevator was ready to tumble down. The building was sturdy, so it took a while for the building to come down. After some time, the Payloader and a backhoe lifted one corner and the remaining portion fell down with a huge dust cloud spewing into the air.
Many bystanders were watching the building demolition and took videos with their cell phones, and put them on Facebook.
Brian Larson, Co-op Elevator manager, said, “By most accounts in talking to people, it was built between 1905 and 1908. Co-op Elevator leased it from bank until 1999 and purchased it in 2003.

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