January 29, 2014

McClusky City and Park Board hold special meeting


With the meeting on Tuesday, Jan 21, called by Council members Roberta Hunt and Dorothy Estrada, the McClusky City Council tried to help clear up issues for the McClusky City Park Board with the legal information presented by Jerry Hjelmstad of the North Dakota League of Cities.

Hjelmstad addressed questions on the formation of park districts and gave citations and direction for the park board and the city to follow to clear up the confusion that exists from lack of bylaws or even locating in city records when and how the park board was formed.

Todd Rath stated he had been told by local attorney Walter Lipp that the park district had started in 1964 but they had not yet been able to find any documents that reflected the process.

Park Districts are created by a city ordinance, Hjelmstad stated, and then have the power to levy taxes.

They are subject to open meeting and open record laws and have four year terms that are staggered for more than three members. Executive sessions are very limited he said, and must follow procedures for this type of meeting.

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