November 19, 2014

McClusky City Council fills vacant position


At the November meeting of the McClusky City Council, Deputy Delbert Hoffman presented the police report. The annual police contract with the city expires in January, and Hoffman stated there will be no changes in the new contract and the price will remain the same at $2,166 a month. The council unanimously approved the new contract.

Martwick asked Hoffman if "j-turns" are legal on Main Street and Hoffman stated that they are legal locally as long as they do not interfere with traffic. The city would need to pass an ordinance to make them illegal.

Local businessman and resident Nathan Rhoads was appointed and approved as the new council member and took the oath of office. He replaces Kurt Mortenson who resigned citing personal issues.

Rhoads will serve on the street committee with Werth.

City maintenance worker Tom Giese gave the maintenance report.

He reported that the pipe in east McClusky that repeatedly froze last winter has been insulated.

The water tower repairs are completed. The cost will be $100 more than estimated because three inches of insulation was used instead of the originally intended two inches.

He also noted the woodpile at the city dump will be burned soon and the gates will be locked after the majority of the tree debris hauling is finished.

A discussion was held regarding the work done by Dakota Painting and Tree Service. It was mentioned that a branch had been dropped on a home’s roof. The homeowner was not identified. The contract did not include hauling.

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