November 6, 2008

McClusky City okays garbage collection rate increase

By Allan Tinker

The McClusky City Council members voted unanimously on Nov. 2 to increase the garbage collection rates $2.50 effective January 1. The rates charged by Waste Management have included a fuel surcharge that has had the city operating with a $2.08 shortage per pickup. The $2.50 increase will enable the city to breakeven, hopefully, for the next year. The city will also consider the water rates that encourage water usage waste. It is advised by other agencies that cities can often keep from raising water rates if they simply discontinue the bulk rates that decrease with increased water usage. As Mayor Theresa Jorgenson stated, "It costs just as much to pump water no matter how many gallons." Eliminating the step rate would accomplish both goals, discouraging water waste and increasing the amount of money collected to keep water equipment in better repair. The Council also heard from Sheriff Trent Naser and City Attorney Walter Lipp regarding their objections to the police contract. Lipp stated that the addition of the lines specifying hours of patrol that the city wanted was trouble for the council no matter which way it went. The council members disagreed, arguing that the matter was only something that attorneys would find troublesome. Lipp stated that they should be guiding the expertise that the Sheriff Dept. has for best results and not micro-managing the patrol hours. Council members DuWayne Hirschkorn and Andy Werth firmly disagreed with Lipp, stating that they will have people complaining no matter what they do anyway, "We come out bad, no matter what," said Hirschkorn.

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