May 13, 2010

McClusky Farmers Market sets bylaws

McClusky Farmers Market sets bylaws
At their annual meeting on April 26, the McClusky Farmers Market members set up their formal guidelines, with corrections and additions from the first approved interim working agreement.
The group’s objective is to provide surrounding communities with quality, fresh home-grown and home-made products in a timely manner at a convenient location. They will also provide information to encourage and improve marketing and production of these same products and promote all farmers markets. Their formal name will be McClusky Farmers Market.
Membership is available to any person living in North Dakota who grows, bakes or makes items in North Dakota. Each seller must have membership and pay his/her dues before selling at any farmer’s market. The organization limits membership to those who meet the standards of these bylaws.
Membership dues will be set by the membership at the annual meeting; the dues are currently $25 per calendar year.
Officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary/Treasurer, each of whom shall have a one-year term of office and be elected by the membership at the annual meeting. If a vacancy within the officers appears, the remaining officers shall fill the vacancy by appointment until the next meeting at which time membership shall elect a member to fill the office. Current officers are Elisha Page, president, Eden McLeod, president, and Linda Bowers, secretary/treasurer.

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