August 9, 2017

McClusky hosts ‘awesome’ NDSRA event

Many of those gathered for the Saturday North Dakota Street Rod Association event in McClusky on August 5 had never seen that many vehicles parked on Main Street. Older bystanders may have remembered the Saturday nights of the long ago past, when most people came to town for groceries, a movie or to sell cream and eggs. In between then and now was a host of years that didn’t even come close to filling it like it did for the NDSRA event.
The display, was to quote a younger generation, was “awesome.” 
If you don’t like looking at cars, it was still something to  be at. There was history attached to some; signs or lettering that let you know why this vehicle had been saved from the big junkyard in the sky to become a restored street rod or pioneer. Jerome Zimmerman stated there were 145 cars in line up. They filled Main Street from Highway 200 to the old St. John’s Church building.

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