January 7, 2010

McClusky increases water rates

McClusky increases water rates
In the face of increased supplier costs of water, the McClusky City Council members voted to increase the basic water rate by $1 a month. This reflects the 50-cents per thousand gallon increase in water provided the city by the McLean Sheridan Rural Water. The action was taken at their January 4 meeting.
Lynn Oberg, McLean-Sheridan manager, stated that expenses are up, from salaries to electrical rates to chemicals. He noted that the water district maintains more than 600 miles of pipeline and McClusky City users average between 13 and 15 million gallons each year. Turtle Lake, in comparison, uses between 20-25 million gallons per year.
In other business:
*Set a public hearing for Feb 1 on the tax abatement request for Holen’s Super Valu. The abatement terms will be set after the public meeting on the same night at a later time.
*Okayed a special opening request for Super Bowl Sunday at Gary’s Place on Feb. 7.

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