April 30, 2014

McClusky Prom Night

"A Field Dreams" was the theme for McClusky Prom 2014 on Saturday evening, April 26 at the high school gym. Twenty couples from McClusky and Drake attended the Grand March.

The decorations were in green and black with silver arch and pillars, black balloons and lights.

Prom couples were Arika Werth, escorted by Jacob Frank; Chasely Houser, escorted by Justin Hanson; Kady Rath, escorted by Weston Grade; Haley Duchsherer, escorted by Levi Grade; Kaytlin Werth, escorted by Andrew Ensz; Jewel Faul, escorted by Levi Larson; Shayna Crimmins, escorted by Adam Seidler; Trista Crimmins, escorted by Derek Mortenson; Alex Naser, escorted by Kody Faul; Karley Volochenko, escorted by Darin McClintock; Heidi Scheetz, escorted by Alex Volochenko; Rebecca Birdsell, escorted by Blaine Finneseth; Sydney Seehafer, escorted by Lee Reinowski; Kailey Lemer, escorted by James Kolschefski; Cassandra Monroe, escorted by Cody Devogt; McKenzie Bryn, escorted by Tristin Martin; Hannah Schiele, escorted by Levi Fahy; Gracee Buri, escorted by Cody Oster; Kristin Reinsowski, escorted by Tanner Volson, and Sky Butler, escorted by Carter Barnes.

The chaperones for the evening were Jacob Krebs and Dakota Pederson. Michael Axt is the class advisor.

Announcer and DJ was Jeremy Lauer.

Prom couples were photographed by Mandy Peerboom.

The couples were announced and walked under the silver arch with black balloons and lights on runway for family and friends who wished

to capture a portion of the evening. After

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