April 22, 2015

McClusky Prom Night

Was the theme for McClusky Prom 2015 on Saturday evening, April 18 at the McClusky High School gym. Twenty couples from McClusky and Drake attended the Grand March.

The decorations were in blue and black with arch and pillars, and blue and white balloons.

Prom couples were Kaley Sease and Levi Larson; Jewel Faul and Kolya Kozelisky; Shayna Crimmins and Kody Faul; Trista Crimmns and Derek Mortenson; Alexandra Naser and Lance Pellman; Arika Werth and Alexander French; Chasely Houser and Ethan Schwalk; Skylar Simes and Donald Goven; Starr Spence and Lane Rhoads; Amber Windish and James Kuntz; Kaley Duchsherer and Cody Heitmann; Alex Thompson and Garrett Uhlich; Cassandra Monroe and Joe Lewis; Kenzie Volochenko and Tyler Fahy; Elizabeth Rotherham and Trey Windish; Kailey Lemer and Warren Swendsen; Sydney Seehafer and Lee Reinowski; Kelsey Kite and Corey McClintock; Samantha Martin and Austin Schatz, and Ashley Rude and Levi Lemer.

The chaperones for the evening were Dakota Pederson and Shannon Carson. Michael Axt is the class advisor.

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