September 27, 2012

McClusky receives new sidewalk corners along highway

McClusky receives new sidewalk corners along highway
The street corners along ND Highway 200 in McClusky underwent rapid change this week. Ti-Zack Concrete, Inc. out of Minnesota, tore out and replaced corners to comply with American Disabilities Act requirements, a federal effort by each state.
Edward Pavlish P.E. of the NDDOT office in Grand Forks stated that McClusky was one of the first in a group of nine smaller communities selected on a scoring system of necessity and type of intersections. Other cities along Highway 200 and other state highways will also be done according to their placement on the priorities.
Other streets within these cities and those not along any state highways would be done according to each city’s requirements and timelines and are not part of this project.
The sloped corners provide access for those with limitations that involve moving from one elevation to another, often with wheelchairs. Power chairs are particularly sensitive to inclines and will cease to move if the “tip” alert is activated. This keeps the occupant safer but often needing to adjust the chair again in order to move.

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