August 5, 2015

McClusky storm hits hard on trees


There was hardly a tree in McClusky that still had all its branches intact the day after the storm that hit late Tuesday night on July 28.

Those who had so admired their handsome evergreens after losing elms to disease this past year were reminded of the pitfalls of planting the shallow-rooted trees close to any building. The only part that saved some homes and sheds was the light weight of the needled trees.

Heavier wooded trees came down with a crash, taking wires, steel, shingles and electrical boxes from the homes. The McClusky Co-Op Elevator, the homes of Blaine Helm, Myron Morris, and Norman Corlew, among others, suffered either shingle or steel damage or had trees resting on their entry roof edge.

On Main Street of McClusky, the "old Gamble Store," now the property of John and Hannelore Davis had the large plate glass window blown in. Tiny, small, medium, large and extra-large chunks of trees, some with leaves attached, left something for everyone to pick up, no matter the size of the fingers and hands.

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