July 12, 2012

McClusky Tractor Pull winners

McClusky Tractor Pull winners
With a huff, puff, push and pull, and some help from the sturdy steering wheel at times, entrants tried to “make the mark” or at least get farther along the pavement than anyone else in their bracket. Never has 15 feet seemed so far as on a hot day in July on a tractor rigged to weights.
The weights are increased for each round of competition at each level until there is only a winner, second and third place entries left. There were some tough moments between well-muscled legs on July 7 in McClusky.
If entries are few, brackets may be combined, or an entry moved up or down into a bracket that suits age or size. It is all in good fun and the winners are those who compete; they get medals for the competition because it takes heart to try and a strong heart and legs to win this tough contest!
Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull
5 and 6 year old category, first place: Baylee Smith, Goodrich; second place: Trevor Haux, Mc-Clusky; and third place, Dylan Faul, McClusky.

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