March 12, 2014

Memoirs of a local boy past 80


For those who knew the many-talented Rennich family, two books written by Mervin Rennich should come as no surprise as to clarity, story-telling ability and interesting anecdotes of life and work.

"Prairie Potholes and Rock Piles" is a title that brings instant recognition to those who have lived, or still live, in the central North Dakota town of McClusky.

The second book, "Beer and Diesel Fuel," is a book that will be a first-to-reach-for book for guys and others who are simply intrigued by the title alone.

This second book is about his five years of life working in Central America and something most of us will never get a glimpse of in life.

The books are available directly from Remmich at or by calling him at 309-693-0069. The Beer and Diesel Fuel book is also available through the ACMOC (Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club) website:

"Prairie Potholes and Rock Piles" is a fun and informative trip through McClusky and the area in the mid-1940s to late 1950s.

Written for his grandchildren to learn about what grandpa did when he was young, growing up, and working, it is a great way to spend an evening, as the books are a mere 200 or so pages of easy reading. They will also be instant conversation starters at most any gathering, with people relating to Rennich’s experiences with matching or complementary ones of their own.

You will find the answers to questions such as:

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