September 24, 2009

Meter installation to be complete this week

Meter installation to be complete this week
The meter switch-over is scheduled to be complete this last week of September, with the likely finish day of Tuesday, according to Total Backflow Resources, Inc. representative Greg Ocean. The process started the week of the 14th.
The meter installation went routinely and smoothly in most instances, with a few problem meters and logistical puzzles to be worked out in the older homes.
The installation required the removal of the old meters, which belong to the city of McClusky, and the installation of the new meters. The sending unit wires were then routed to the desired locations for easy access to the meter reading device from the outside of the building. A hole for the wire to the outside of the home was drilled and then that wire hooked up to the small box that holds the sensor.
A meter reader will be able to touch and read the water usage for each meter in a fraction of the time that was required before. No entry into the buildings will be necessary any more for meter readings. The outside readings will also enable the city to track accurate water usage and quickly determine the location of any unusual water usage that might signal a break in a water line or other problems.

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