August 13, 2014

Meticulous urban yard

From an upbringing in a family of 14 that stressed children doing chores in a disciplined environment, Arvin Helm carries his gardening into his front yard with the same well-groomed care that the rest of his property receives.

Like many other rural and urban residents who tired of maintaining a lawn, Helm put practical and pretty together.

This follows the guidelines used by others who maintain front yard gardens in other Midwest towns. Several websites give information on the homesteading practicality that has arisen in the past few years around the country.

First: it must be pretty - be conscious of your neighbors. First thing is you should ask yourself "would I live next door to me."

Second: be productive - be innovative and use every square inch, be willing to try new edibles varieties.

Third: be practical - use natural growing methods to conserve water and resources.

Fourth: be personal – Do It Yourself and let your edible garden develop into an extension of your very own needs and desires.

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