April 27, 2016

MHS Senior Acalympic State Champions

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Roberta Netzloff

The day, April 18, 2016, will be forever remembered by the McClusky Senior High Acalympic Team. On that date the students participated in the first ever North Dakota Academic Olympic Competition at Bismarck State College. Team members for this day were Jewel Faul, Kody Faul, Levi Larson, Arika Werth, Alexandra Naser, and Skylar Simes.

The students represented Region 2 as one of the six small schools to reach the state competition.

The first round consisted of five questions from each of the following categories: math, science, language arts, social studies, electives, current events, and miscellaneous. The top three teams, McClusky, Medina, and Wyndmere, moved into the second round, which was the lightning round. This round had 25 questions, with the first team to buzz in and answer correctly, receiving two points.

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