July 11, 2018

Midsummer Fest Grand Parade list

First place winners in the McClusky Midsummer Fest  Grand Main Parade were featured in last week’s paper.’’ First place went to Class of 1978. First place commercial first place went to Co-op Elevator of McClusky.
Second place went to Lori Hollenbeck; third place went to Northland Community Health Center.
The complete list of parade entries included:
McClusky American Legion: Arlington Helm, Donnie Bertsch and Bryon Belisle in jeep, Terry Schindler, Shawn Koltes, David Jorgenson. Vernon Lasher, color guard.
1948 Willys: driver Palmer Schmidt, passenger George Gilfus, Jimmy Blotter, Legion Commander Marv Anseth.
1945 Willy “MB” owned by Dennis Sundby, equipped with 1) 50 caliber heavy machine gun; 1) Thompson .45 caliber submachine gun; 1) M1 “Garand” .30 caliber service rifle.
Turtle Lake American Legion: Driver Tom Lindelien, passenger Doug Hanson.
Turtle Lake American Legion Auxiliary Unit 133: Driver Pat Wahl, riders, Dorothy Roth and Mary Anseth.

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