April 13, 2016

Mobile welding set up provides work fexibility


From aluminum to steel, both stainless and mild, if you need it or have an idea, Garrett Docker will weld or fabricate it for you.

Dockter, a Dawson Community College associate degree graduate in welding, is back home, forming his welding, and fabrication business alongside the family’s cattle and trucking interests.

His father’s shop now holds a portion dedicated to welding tools of the trade, mostly a good selection of used items carefully cleaned and repaired into like-new working condition.

With his mobile capacity along with the shop site, Dockter feels he can handle most any job. He states he doesn’t mind doing the things and other people don’t like doing, such as rebuilding kingpins. "It is a miserable, dusty, rusted up job, but I don’t mind doing these."

The biggest job he has tackled thus far was a sorting system for livestock in the Drake/Balfour area. "It took a month of work to complete with panels, gates, and pounding all the steel posts in. There were 8 to 12 pens, to large holding pens and it was on uneven ground," he explained.

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