April 5, 2012

Ms. Becky’s gone to return anew

Ms. Becky’s gone to return anew

The “Tastee Freeze” building is gone: quickly, cleanly, and with dignity. The landmark business in the community since the late 1950s, through several sets of owners, is no more.
The “Ms. Becky’s” building was quickly demolished after owners Becky and Theabold Stein returned from their “winter home.”
The insides were removed; the workings of electrical system and plumbing are history; the windows came out, the sign was removed for later use, and the rubbish disappeared into trucks and tractors. If you hadn’t seen it, you wouldn’t know it had been there.
The only thing remaining was a sturdy portion of the building, good enough to be a storage shed in back of the lot.
With a helping crew of several friends and hired help, the Steins were the center of attention as they carefully demolished the old structure. “The cost of making it ‘to code’ was nearly the same as rebuilding,” Becky stated. It was an easy choice; rebuild to a larger and more efficient size, with air conditioning for summer for everyone, including the planned seating area, and heating for staying open longer when the weather turns cold. It is a win-win for visitors and residents alike.

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