July 26, 2012

Ms. Becky’s open house held

Ms. Becky’s open house held

A few weeks after they opened for business, Ms. Becky’s held an open house, with “free stuff” for old, new and getting-acquainted customers. The hotdogs, buns, chips and ice cream were appreciated by all who came in between noon and 2 p.m. on Friday July 13.
Becky and Hienie Stein, owners, as well as helpers Kaytlin Werth and Berta Strobel dished out friendly attitude as well as stomach friendly treats that day, with many orders supplementing the “free stuff” available.
The open house event officially made the new building a business, replacing the old “Tastee Freez” that had operated long ago, replaced by many other names, most recently as Ms. J’s, owned by current McClusky Mayor Theresa Jorgenson.

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