May 14, 2009

Murder blooms for McClusky drama audience

Murder blooms for McClusky drama audience
The Drama Club of the McClusky High School presented “Murder in Bloom,” a mystery comedy in two acts by Thomas Hischak, on Thursday, April 30, at the high school stage.
The synopsis of scenes showed the setting is in the sitting room of Lavinia Wesson’s home in St. Basil-on-Green. The time is modern day.
In Act One, Scene One, it is late afternoon; Scene Two, that night; and Scene Three, later that night. In Act Two, Scene One, it is the next morning, and Scene Two, that next day’s night.
An intermission in between the two acts allowed the audience members to enjoy cookies, coffee and lemonade.
The cast of characters were: Lavinia Wesson, (Jasmine Massingill); Inspector Greene, (Rachel Lasher); Melody Haydock, (Ariah Iron Boulder); Mrs. Violet Cameron, (Cayla Erdmann); Miss Sibley, (Jerica Jesz); Holly Thomas, (Brittany Thomas); Priscilla Stewart-Wayne, (Cambree Holen); Stephanie Dearborn, (Teresa Werner); Rachel Hodges, (Brittany Lasher), and Mrs. Letitia Whetmore, (Angela Frank).

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