October 14, 2010

Navy veteran shares service memories

Navy veteran shares service memories
Born in Ava, MO, on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s birthday, January 30, 1922, seeing the Washington DC located memorial to this past president was enjoyable for Marvin Kissee, World War II veteran. He got the chance to do so on the Roughrider Honor Flight this past Sept. 10, along with two other McClusky veteran residents, Lucille Bergstrazer and Harold Hepper.
The wall of stars where 4,000 stars shine for the Americans who died in World War II was a highlight of the Honor Flight trip for Kissee. With a bum knee, the walk around all the memorials was an effort but helped by a brace he wore. Many of the veterans would make the sightseeing trip with helpers pushing them in wheelchairs.
“He couldn’t wait to tell about the banquet and the POW/MIA ceremony,” wife Mildred revealed. At the dinner he said it was very emotional, she added; they were often in tears.

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