July 9, 2014

Neuharth yard of color accents



With a love of color and a hard worker in all aspects of her life, Edna Neuharth enjoys her yard, maintaining the year-round duties by herself.

Her lawn mower, a "personal pace" machine, and her garden tractor are her main help in maintaining the yard of perennials. The shady yard surrounds her home in west McClusky and is accented by her choice of annuals each year.

"I enjoy buying whatever looks nice," she smiled. "The prices are mostly the same between varieties and are often half-price later in the season."

"I also spend quite a bit of time decorating my yard at Christmas time with a lighted nativity scene with Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus in the manger. There are two wise men, although I know that the wise men were not at the manger… but mine are," she grins.

Neuharth has an underground watering system and uses lawn fertilizer, especially late in the fall when the yard is reaching dormancy. "I haven’t had to turn on the water at all this year," she noted.

Neuharth learned her care of plants from reading and listening to advice from growers and sellers. She purchases all her own plants and designs her arrangements. The many baskets of colors are annuals along her sidewalk and the front of her house.

Neuharth was born to Albert and Marie (Bender) Neuharth and has eleven brothers and sisters and one-half-sister. She was raised in a house on the north end of town and graduated from McClusky High School in 1948.

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