January 20, 2011

New Bar and Grill for Drake

New Bar and Grill for Drake
With a strong line of U.S. Marine-fired energy and dedication to duty, Alan Hornbacher is tackling a new frontline battle in Drake, close to his farm home near Anamoose. He notes that the Marine Corps gives him support in his determination to succeed in this new venture quoting, “The difficult we do right away; the impossible takes a bit longer.”
The difficult has been the wiring and remodeling expenses with which most renovators of older buildings are very familiar. The building complex, which once belonged to Liz (Ma) Keller’s (his special friend) son Darrel, is a combination of the original building and an old grocery store. He sees a good future in activities for the community and all the hunters that visit the area during the fall and winter months.
The impossible, which may be the struggle to establish a regular and reliable clientele, will be a welcome addition to the small town along Highway 52 in McHenry County. He has poured many hours a day into the venture, his energy matched with Liz’s, and they have added a 34-foot horseshoe bar, a novelty that should bring the curious into the promised completely smoke-free and tobacco product-free business.
In early July, the business should be ready for the all-school reunion in Anamoose. He sees a number of people wanting a place to eat, relax and socialize from that occasion. Another event is the upcoming Bull Days, when breeders of registered cattle gather to show and sell their animals. That day is on Feb 2, and it has been a main impetus to getting things done.

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