December 7, 2016

New business on Main Street

Northern Tax held its grand opening with owner Sandra Felchle greeting the steady flow of guests. The Friday event held homemade cookie treats, also by Felchle, as they walked into the small house that is now the tax preparation office.
The building, set back a bit from Main Street and up a few steps, is old but well kept. The rooms have become customer-friendly, filled with touches of the past and Felchle’s “junking” hobby (turning junk into art).
A room for waiting, a room for children to play or watch a video, and rooms for clients, copying and file storage, and a small kitchen and bathroom all keep the unit functional on all fronts.
Felchle brings computer training and experience, plus years of hands-on practical experience in the farm and local aspects of income tax preparation, which is what she limits her work currently.

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