August 2, 2017

New concrete adds life to historical building

With Sheridan County Pioneer Historical Society President Jerry Reiswig coordinating coverage, the new concrete floor was poured, smoothed and set last week in the building north of the Goodrich City Park.
JDM Schmitt Concrete, Towner, was the contractor for the floor installation. Workers were David, Brenda, and Devin Schmitt, along with Brian Pierce.
The addition housed several pieces of machinery and autos, which are now in the north portion of the unfinished west addition. Reiswig stated these items would remain there until funds are gathered to also finish the floor on that side. Money for improvements and upkeep expenses are provided by personal and business donations, fundraisers and a county mill levy.
The entire area was reinforced with rebar to support weight and prevent cracking, smoothed with a power trowel during the setting process. One resident commented it looked good enough to be a dance floor.
The newly poured floor will provide support and a clean environment for storage of the church interior items as well as space to expand the south storage areas collections.

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