August 23, 2017

New Junior Auxiliary members pinned

On August 9, the American Legion Auxiliary of James Roberts Post 124 accepted four new junior members at their luncheon meeting. Sophie Sparrow, Daisy Sparrow, Jorja Farrell, Karleigh Baker were present for the program.
Aubrey Majors is also a junior member but joined earlier. Skylar Simes is also a member but turned 18 years of age, making her ineligible for the pinning.
Lucas Rath was present to tell of his experiences at Boys State. He was sponsored by the local Legion. The Auxiliary had no girls state participants this year, so he offered to give his speech.
Rath told of his arrival at Boys State and registering as a city and whether anti federalist or federalist. There were six cities and he was placed in Honolulu.
There were 88 boys participating and they had three hours of free time upon arrival to get acquainted. They played baseball with foam “noodles,” which seemed like much fun to the audience.
A Theodore Roosevelt impersonator presented his own experience with Boys State and his role in presenting Roosevelt at Medora and other places.
There were debates on Monday between candidates for best city and Honolulu won in the voting on Tuesday.

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