June 1, 2016

No limites for this Sky


With the rock solid support of the Goodrich School staff and students, 2016’s lone senior Sky Lyn Butler graduated on May 28. In her speech, she thanked everyone who had helped her, and told of her life lessons over the years.

Butler spoke a bit about her home schooling by her mother and other schools she had attended before she found a place in Goodrich. Here, she said, she had the teachers and help that she needed to get to her goal of graduating from high school.

After the ceremonies, Sky is traveling back to the home of her older sister Stormy Crowley. Younger sister Mystic Butler, mother Melody Butler, father Rick Butler, grandmother Linda Morrell, and boyfriend, Clarence Turner, Alabama, were among those who attended her event.

The ceremonies were held in the lunchroom of the school, with blue and lilac toned banners, and special music by the school choir. Refreshments in her special colors lined the table for guests who gathered after the ceremonies.

Adding words of wisdom and guidance, Pastor Warren Rhodes lightheartedly told her how to "never work a day in her life." She simply had to "find something she loved to do and then find someone who would pay her to do it."


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