July 22, 2015

No roads, no phone, no businesses


At their home, located in Highland Township, but with the rest of their property in two others, Harris and Holmes, Jeannie and Dan Sobieck find their retirement home a small piece of wonder and environmental heaven: a "nature wonderland."

"We are worth as much as city people," she states. We need good roads for commerce, our social lives and safety.

"Where is our district leadership on our counties?" she wondered. "Where is the plan for the roads and the resettlement of these counties?"

The two do not come ill-equipped to deal with their situations. Dan is a former director of risk management for USDA and she is retired geological engineer and investigator for both state and federal government issues involving agriculture. "I have been out in counties in more states than just in North Dakota and these roads are the worst I have ever seen. Right here, right where we live," she emphasized.

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