October 7, 2015

Old building regain dignity


Main Street sidewalk supervisors have had a lot to watch this summer. The two old buildings on the north end of Main Street, scheduled to be demolished, have been partially restored by owner Geraldine Schmidt. They were the former law offices and home of McClusky Attorney Douglas Roberts, now deceased.

Schmidt, from California, has voiced plans to return home soon recently. Her carpenter, whom she declined to name, is continuing repairs to the wood frame buildings and she is often there working as well.

The view from the north, which had drawn a number of complaints, now is a tasteful and welcoming scene of old, but still useful buildings, complete with a restful backyard and seating.

Portions of the building required new materials, but lots of hard work and "elbow grease" by both Schmidt and her hired carpenter, have enclosed bad areas, restored metal siding to a shine, and fixed the roof to keep out snow, rain and any creatures looking for a place to inhabit.

The view is graced by a photo from the Schmidt family, with former Cenex Store Manager Valentine Schmidt and others displayed in the window. The business was a lively spot of business in the days of building the McClusky Canal.

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