March 18, 2015

On a mission to Sabinas Hidalgo



Many McClusky residents travel south for the winter. Most travel in search of warmth and relaxation, but in January, two McClusky residents drove south on a mission.

Mom Teresa Naser and daughter Alex took ten days off from work and school to travel to an orphanage, the Casa Hogar Oasis de los Ninos in Sabinas Hidalgo. Sabinas Hidalgo is located in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The Nasers became interested in the mission after hearing a pastor from Crystal Springs Baptist Camp speak at the McClusky Baptist Church. "We wanted to help out," Teresa said.

The trip was funded by themselves and through donations from friends and family. The pair also sold tacos in a bag at a local craft fair to raise additional funds.

Teresa and Alex met up with Esther Grupp of Goodrich and five other people from ND and MN to travel to Laredo, Texas.

There they met up with the missionaries Carol and Enrique Acosta, the Acosta’s son, and their secretary, all of whom would accompany them on the final leg of the trip.

The changes were immediate when the group crossed into Mexico. "Everything was more worn," said Alex.

Teresa added, "It’s a lot poorer down there. The town we were in they were dirt poor... The houses looked almost liked cardboard houses... There’s no middle class."

The public school in Sabinas Hidalgo was surrounded by a huge brick wall with shard of glass and barb wire on top to keep people out.

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