January 27, 2016

Park District says good bye to clerk


With praise for Laurel Kukert’s good work, time and effort spent in and her obvious enjoyment of her job, Park District President Rhonda Meckle thanked Kukert at the opening of the January McClusky Park Board meeting. She then presented Kukert with a clock upon which Kukert’s name had been placed. Kukert noted that she appreciated the gift and joked that they had "even spelled my name correctly."

Kukert has worked as the clerk for the McClusky Park District for 24 years. She has also worked in the banking industry for 48 years and was married to Delmar Kukert, now deceased. They have one daughter Kerry Landsiedel. Kukert resides in north McClusky.

Kukert is being replaced by Andrea Lauer of McClusky. Lauer is also the business manager for the McClusky School District. She is the wife of Jeremy Lauer and a resident of McClusky. Lauer received directions on transferring her name onto the checking accounts and other records at American Bank Center.

The next item of business addressed was the correction of expenses that belong to the park district and not the city. Jennifer Meserole was present to explain the confusion and to set in motion the adjustments necessary to bring the city’s books into compliance with the audit. McClusky Mayor Roberta Hunt was also present.

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