November 10, 2015

Pastor leaves after serving 22 years


"It’s with mixed feelings that we are leaving our home and church after so many years," George and Ladora Schuessler commented amid the boxes, empty hutches, but with beautiful green plants still filling all the windows. The couple has been saying their goodbyes to their parishioners, friends and the community during the past couple of weeks.

Reverend Schuessler who was born in Oshkosh, Wis., came to North Dakota for his internship, a confirmed bachelor. The ladies in Harvey, where he interned for a year, had a different idea. They were just sure that Ladora (Dalbol), who was working as a beautician, was the right one for George and soon he was introducing her to his family back in Eau Claire. Their wedding was held in Harvey and then back to Wisconsin and their first parish just south of Eau Claire for five years. But soon George and Ladora came back to North Dakota where George filled the position of associate pastor in Beulah, at Zion Lutheran Church, working with Rev. Cliff Hoper.

During those first years of married life, Ladora was a little far away from her family so she was very excited when George was called to the parish in McClusky where they have now been for 22 years. This brought her closer to her sister, Margaret Buchmann, who had since moved to McClusky.

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