October 14, 2010

Petition gains attention of commissioners in two counties

Petition gains attention of commissioners in two counties
By ALLAN TINKER, information provided by
Arlo Blumhagen
On October 5, 2010, a petition was presented to the McHenry County Board of Commissioners and was dated April 10, 2010. It was a Rosenfield Township Request to Annex into McHenry County. In it, resident citizens of Rosenfield Township, (Township 150 North, Range 76 West), of Sheridan County expressed appreciation to Darrell Grade, Sheridan County Highway Dept. for his valiant effort to maintain the roads in our township, by “plowing the snow” in winter and grading and maintaining the roads in the summer time.
The residents further stated, edited for clarity: “We are disappointed, however. The McHenry County motor grader operator seems to have a more powerful machine with which to plow snow; thereby being able to “wing” the snow clear across the ditch, instead of just getting the snow into the middle of the ditch, as our Sheridan County operators do. “We are also disappointed that the McHenry County motor grader begins to blade and maintain roads three weeks to a month sooner in springtime than do Sheridan County motor graders.”
The petition continued, “Four years ago representatives of three Sheridan County Townships visited with Sheridan County Commissioners concerning “pulling in the shoulders” of the roads to retrieve gravel that ends up on the shoulder and thus getting that gravel into the traffic lanes. It seems that that request fell on deaf ears as no action was ever taken on that request.
“Four or more years ago, members of Rosenfield and neighboring townships signed up for Rural Water, assuming that we would be part of the Sheridan County Rural Water District. No action was ever taken by Sheridan County.
Now we are able to “sign on” and get Rural Water from McHenry County.

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