June 24, 2010

Picnic huge hit with residents and guests

Picnic huge hit with residents and guests
The rumors flew wild. There were to be many ladies, a raided birthday fund, men wearing aprons, lots of smoke, and even, guests appearing in their “nighties.” Some of it was even true. Some wasn’t.
The ladies were there; they were the instigators, funders and providers of many of the special touches of the June 16 event. They did raid their birthday fund, but no one objected and nothing illegal was done. The fund is collected from anyone, or someone in their family, who is celebrating a birthday. They donate whatever they want, usually a dollar or two, into the birthday “kitty.”
These ladies from Ruth Circle of Grace Lutheran Church use these donated money for their special “adopted” people, for Christmas gifts and cards, and for special arrangements such as this picnic at Sheridan Memorial Home. There were twelve of these Ruth Circle women at the picnic: Virginia Hoffer, Sylvia Broeckel, Adeline Olson, Delores Helm, Mayola Holen, Betty Kurle, Bev Helm, Eunice Wagner, Faye Stein, Sybil Peterson, Rita Haux and Marie Engel.

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