October 22, 2014

Pink is the color of love


She is a tiny little thing in pink, holding the delicate bracelets she has woven in just a short time. Jolynne Ruth Strobel, the daughter of Heidi and Terry had joined her mother in the acts of love that also show compassion.

Her mother, who recently tied a quilt, "with a prayer in every knot," for Aunt Kathy, has taught her daughter well. The bracelets are gifts for breast cancer patients and survivors, and their families.

The pink, woven and wearable, reminders during October, which is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month," are meant to draw attention to donations that mean so much in fighting cancer and other devastating illnesses.

North Country Bank, where the bracelets are displayed and given away, has long been a supporter of this and other community funds that depend on donations to fight the "good fight" against illnesses.

Jolynne admits that it was her mother’s idea, along with co-workers Sharon Rath, Brenda Dockter and Rhonda Meckle, for her to make more of her pink and white bracelets, and to have them available for the bank’s observance of this special month.

Now, donors can have one for "Grandpa Howard" or "Grandma Carolyn" or even hunters who took three in camo and one pink and white one for a "Mom" back home.

More than 30 of the bracelets have gone on to bring strength and comfort to the wearers. Jolynne doesn’t limit to making just pink and white bracelets, but makes whatever color for whatever reason that the receiver wishes. No charge for the charm, just a richer heart for everyone.

Mom added, "It is amazing how many she can make in just a short time." She also mentioned that others also make these bracelets or similar ones, "it is a fad right now," she smiled.

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