June 27, 2018

Pool opening/closing decision imminent

With June half gone, with hot weather dominating, the issue of the pool opening was soundly discussed at the June McClusky Park Board meeting.
Pool manager Brenda Potts brought up the issues of replacing the safety flow switch, continuing without it, or to wire the pump and switch together. Since the pump and switch both need to be working, the latter was a possibility. Costs and time frame to repair had not been obtained so the park board tabled the issue pending more information, again delaying the opening of the pool.
Last year, the pool used 26 pails of chlorine tablets. Potts stated that hot sun burns the chlorine out quickly, which is nice for the swimmers but bad for the test levels necessary.
Brandon Lauer stated that they needed to “get it done.” If the current system goes down, the pool doesn’t open. At this point, it might die any day, he added.
Park board president Rhonda Meckle noted that they needed all questions answered and then to call a special meeting to decide.

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