February 25, 2016

Pool skirting summer closure


Past the few regular business items to handle, the main issue at the February 16 McClusky Park Board meeting was the continued operation of the McClusky Kathy Davis Memorial Pool.

Needed pool repairs have stalled as Park Board President Rhonda Meckle has not been able to contact the pool repair person and has left many messages and received no calls back.

With no deadline on settling the land issue for the cemetery the board members voted to set a "Reply by March meeting" directive for the city attorney to send to the other attorney to get an answer.

A new bid from A and G Construction was received and with 800 more yards of clay needed and less black dirt, the price had increased. More adjustments are possible for perforated pipe and other supplies needed.

Lifeguards are a key issue. With one lifeguard only for sure, the need to find trained and certified lifeguards is critical. Some of the youth are interested but too young to receive certification or employment until they are 16, a state requirement. They can start training before when they are 15 years of age as it is a two-year training commitment. The pool pays back the expense of training if they work two years after being trained.

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