August 13, 2014

Power of a smile is underestimated


Orthodontist Dan Keith started out for law school. It was in his teen years that he had a change of heart. Instead of following the dream he had since he was five years old to be a lawyer, he did a "180 and went dental."

Keith had braces and he listened as his dentist talked about the impact, both external and internal, that produce life changing results from what he and other dentists can do for patients. For many patients, teen age years can be tough. "The power of a smile is underestimated. To be able to play a part in that way is very rewarding and underappreciated."

In a strange match of talents, Keith is also a tennis coach at Century High School in Bismarck. He was named head coach on Thursday, July 31, after being assistant coach for ten years off and on, seven years in the program. He has played tennis since his early years and began teaching tennis when he was 13 years old. "It was more rewarding than the play itself," he stated. He also kept playing tennis collegiately.

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