June 7, 2012

Primary offers voters input opportunity

Primary offers voters input opportunity
Several openings, few challenged, are up for voter’s decisions in the county, city and school elections this year. Four measures, plus state and federal offices, give voters chances to make their voices heard in many directions.
For those who did not vote by mail-in ballot, the voting place for all county primary and school and city  elections is McClusky City Hall from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12.
Sheridan County ballot choices for two offices, both unchallenged except for write-in nominations from voters.
For County Commissioner - District 2, Michael Axt and Director, Garrison Diversion Conservancy, Tim Schindler.
Initiative petition, referendum petition, and legislative measures offer the following issues for voters to decide.
Constitutional Measure No. 1 was approved by the 2011 Legislative Assembly. Constitutional Mea-sures No. 2 and No. 3 were placed on the ballot by initiative petition and Measure No. 4 by a referendum petition.
Constitutional Measure No. 1 (House Concurrent Resolution No. 3047, 2011 Session Laws, Chapter 519)
This constitutional measure would amend and reenact section 6 of Article IV of the North Dakota Constitution. This mea-sure would prohibit the appointment of a member of the Legislative Assembly to a state office for which the compensation was increased in an amount greater than any general legislative increase provided to full-time state employees during the member’s term of office.

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