August 16, 2017

Promoting people, books and positive attitudes

Sheila Majors had an imaginary granddaughter when she was five years old. As with all childhood imaginary companions, this granddaughter was with her in many escapades and adventures, likely to the amusement of her family. The move to McClusky to be nearer her son Andrew, his wife Tina (Bertsch) and granddaughter Aubrey was inevitable.
Sheila and husband Welborn Guy Majors met on a blind date arranged by a girlfriend and her boyfriend.  With a previous blind date, with Welborn’s brother resulted in “nothing working there,” according to Sheila, so she was a bit reluctant to try again. This one with Welborn, a Navy Sea-Bee (Naval Construction Battalions), was the magic everyone hopes for in love and they were married six months later.
Four years later daughter Gyneth Ann was born, now married to Jim Williams, and eight years later, Andrew Guy was born. Another grandchild is Ian, who traveled extensively with his parents until he had been all over Europe and more, all the time wishing he was “somewhere else,” relates Sheila. She noted that this grandson, just 16 years old, is already taking college classes in school.


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