October 9, 2013

Purple food power and a passion to teach good nutrition


Add the word anthocyanins to your vocabulary. Then attend the Fit For Eternity class in McClusky for information on how to make this work for you and your family. And learn what the word means.

Next to chlorophyll, anthocyanins are one of the most important groups of plant pigments visible to the human eye. According to research by an assistant professor at Tufts University, it is becoming apparent that anthocyanins from berries can penetrate the blood brain barrier in rodents. This means that these compounds are being absorbed into body tissues, rather than being excreted.

Anthocyanins have been shown to play a beneficial role in good eyesight, prevention of cancer, heart disease and age-related neurodegenerative disorders. This and other information will be presented by Debbie Brummel at McClusky City Hall’s Community Room on Thursday, October 17, at 6-7 pm. A purple supper will be served at no cost to attendees.

Brummel, a nurse with 28 years of experience was trained as a medical missionary and worked in education of the principles of health to many communities, often at the invitation of various churches. She includes information from many sources, including the lifestyle centers, the book "Foods and their Healing Power," and several lifestyle educators.

Brummel will present this and other classes on a monthly basis for free, teaching those who would like to feel better or eat healthier an opportunity to address obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle health issues. A cooking class will be available for those who are interested at a later date.

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