November 6, 2013

Purple plants good for the brain


A vegetarian diet, or even a regular diet sprinkled with purples and blues from plant foods is good for the brain, according to Deb Brummel. She is vegetarian but that is her own personal choice.

The blue foods, berries, fruits and cabbage and such, contain B-complex vitamins, rich in food for the brain and nervous system.

The body does not know what to do other than to store what it does not use or get it out of the body. Water soluble vitamins must be replenished frequently to meet the body’s continuing need. Fat soluble vitamins and nutrients are more easily stored in the body.

Sunflower seeds are good for women as well as diabetics, said Brummel; then added "Unsalted."

Cucumbers are good for kids’ teeth, and cucumbers are good for everyone.

Chia seeds contain eight times more Omega 3 than fish and a gel made from soaking them has basically no taste and can be mixed with other foods. As Chia absorbs water, it is wise to wait until they are swollen after soaking before consumption.

"Good for the heart" foods include ground flax, ground enough to break the shell; soak this in water, also. "Flax seed oil is good on popcorn," said Brummel.

Foods good for proper kidney function include lemons, pears, watermelon, grapes, celery, egg plant, and green beans.

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