June 11, 2014

R and H Motel changes hands and style


Robert and Debra Parsons formally purchased the R and H Motel in McClusky from Elmer Laib on March 1 of this year, after spending two weeks prior to this "moving in."

Parsons closed the motel for remodeling two weeks in March. They put their personal style into the furnishings and décor while keeping it the same homey atmosphere of the previous owners.

Their first major adjustment was providing television service to the customers, as cable providers had closed shop in town. New Dish service and all high-definition flat screened television sets were installed with a deep breath as to what would be next.

They installed space and energy savers in appliances and equipment, thinking energy efficiency at all turns in the road. "This was a priority," said Robert.

The hunting and fishing crowd that were frequent visitors to the motel are not forgotten and plans are to make better accommodation for them, one step at a time.

The camper hookups and parking are the same, with plans for expansion and improvement.

A start of a small collection of the essentials, the things you can’t fish without and often lose or leave at home. They are displayed in the office where there is also a business center, complete, for those who need access while traveling.

On a shelf nearby, are the familiar travel size personal care items that people need while traveling. These things are part of the care Parsons put into making their accommodations handy and pleasant for their guests.

The motel is ten rooms with one a "double" with a kitchen in one portion and a connection between the two. It is comfortable for six people.

Some of the rooms have bunk beds and a full bed, and others have single beds and bunks. Each has its own tub and shower that are newly updated.

Three of the rooms have accessory sinks for kitchen use.

Air conditioning in due in by the end of June, with wiring updated to handle the increased load. There was none in the units before. They hope to have the new service "Great service," says Robert and Debra by the Midsummer Fest at the end of June.

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