November 15, 2017

Real Swedish cookies please students

By ALLAN TINKER, information courtesy Deneen Richter
Ellen Kloth came from the city of Visby, on the island of Gotland, Sweden, to visit America and see what ranching was like in North Dakota.
Kloth stayed with Scott and Lisa Dockter for six weeks and was able to help with rounding up cattle, vaccinating and many other ranch type activities.
“She helped us work 2,000 head of cattle and worked hard,” said Lisa.
Kloth also visited Medora, Killdeer, Bismarck, and other places in our area and traveled to Nashville to watch Garrett Dockter recording.
She sang karaoke in Nashville, which revealed she was “pretty good at singing,” according to Lisa Dockter.
Dockter said Kloth had told her they go to regular school until they are 15 and then spend three years in a field that they choose. She chose music for her three years and wants to attend a university later in life.
Kloth said it is common for people to attend college when they are in their thirties in Sweden.

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