October 14, 2015

Red Hats enjoy sawmill deomonstration

Information submitted by Bev Zingg,

The McClusky Chapter of the Red Hat ladies and friends gathered at the Byron Zingg farm Tuesday, Sept. 15, to see Byron’s sawmill cut logs into long planks of lumber. Most of the logs Byron cut for the demonstration came from the Steve and DelRae Hausauer farm.

Byron explained to the group that his dad (Gordon) and a friend had operated a sawmill, so he had experience with it growing up.

Bev stated, "Six years he and a friend bought this saw mill which is made quite a bit different than his dad’s. It is equipped with a band saw rather than a large circular saw, making it safer, cleaner, and quieter to use."

Monty Zingg, brother of Byron, Floyd Murray, and Robert Giese helped Byron with the wood pieces and loaded them onto the trailer.

Recently the Red Hats also enjoyed a Polynesian dinner at the Earleen Miller home.

The "purely social" group organized in 2004 with 33 members. Members may join when they are 50 or more years of age and they enjoy the right to wear red and purple garments, hats and accessories. The group has toured many of the local sites and interesting businesses and events in the local area.

*The company that makes the machines such as the one Byron owns say this about their business.

"At Wood-Mizer, our workers truly believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons. Since the company’s beginning, Wood-Mizer’s shareholders chose to donate a portion of the profits that the company made.

"Over the years, Wood-Mizer’s 10% tithe has benefited Indiana schools, and schools as far away as Africa and the South Pacific. Locally, the corporation annually contributes to dozens of projects- construction of a new YMCA, volunteer fire department funding, expanding a church camp, and sustaining the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, zoo, and museums, just to name a few.

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