March 26, 2014

Returning home from serious fishing


With son Liam in tow; dog Jackson riding in back, Gable Rhoads returned home to McClusky in early summer of 2013. By July, she was employed by the Co-op Elevator as the secretary.

"I plan to enjoy the return to my home community and getting back to some serious fishing and hunting with Liam and my family," she smiled.

Becoming an expert marksman later in her days in the Marines, Rhoads bagged a goose early in her teenage hunting career, early on taking her place as a serious hunter in the family.

The job at the elevator is a new experience, compared to previous work and traning. At the elevator she provides help for customers, records various documents and slips and assists with the scale and grain testing as needed. "I enjoy the people; there is a great work ethic among my co-workers. They work very hard during crop planting and harvest and just in general. If something needs to be done, they are out there doing it."

Rhoads graduated with honors from McClusky High School in 1982. She was born in Bismarck and attended kindergarten there, moving to McClusky and first grade in 1970.

After living in town for a year, the family moved to the former Richard and Marion Haibeck farm, where Rhoads’ parents worked.

Her parents are Orville (OD) Rhoads and Allan Tinker. She has two brothers, Nathan and Daniel, both McClusky, and three sisters, Jerri Van Sandt, Anchorage, AK; Darcie Crumpton, Acton, CA; and Dakota Lasher, Duluth, MN.

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